Saturday, 23 February 2013

Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker

Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker

Toyanogata, Niigata, Japan

February 23, 2013

 Today was supposed to be really miserable weather wise, however it was a pretty nice and sunny morning so what was just intended as a check-up for White-tailed Sea-eagles at Toyanogata, turned out to be a nice walk in the park. No eagles but lots of spring birds about and buds appearing on the Cherry Trees. These are my favourite pics from the morning. We saw big red woodies playing hard to get but I was happy to get close to this little fellow. Anyway, I think it is a fellow.

It is really interesting taking pics when there is snow on the ground as light reflects upwards so there is little shadow on the birds. Biggest disappointment was when I downloaded the pictures and remembered I'd stuffed around with the white balance of the camera earlier in the week and didn't reset it. Totally confused what to do now.

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