Sunday, 26 February 2017


A week has passed since I went to Hyoko. It was very disappointing to find it has been closed since December because of Bird Flu. Bird Flu was found in Niigata at the end of November. I think it is just a precautionary. Many birds were out there, I just couldn't enter and maybe it is safer to stay away.

It is sad for the birds because I'm sure they miss the free handouts provided by visitors. I read that a lot of poultry had been destroyed. Let's hope it is no longer around.

Great White Egret

Tundra Swan

Rock Dove

Black-eared Kite

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Return of the Great Ice Eagle 2017


Niigata, Japan

January 29, 2017

I really love Mr Honma’s enthusiasm. Every winter we look for the Steller’s Sea-eagle and he is always so bright and hopeful. We set out at 6:30 in the dark and freezing cold and he is never bored with finding the same bird perched up high above us.

I realise now that many of the birds we find each winter are actually the same individuals, not just ‘a’ Steller’s Sea-Eagle, or ‘a’ Peregrine Falcon. I guess it is the same for the ducks and swans and so on. In recent years, there is always one American Wigeon, one Steller’s Sea-eagle, one Peale’s Falcon. (as I describe it)

Winter would be much colder and emptier without these now familiar treasures and I too, don’t want to take them for granted. 

Peregrine Falcon

Bean Goose

Whooper Swan

Steller's Sea-eagle