Thursday, 30 July 2009

"Tombo". Japanese Dragonflies.

1. "Tombo" is the Japanese word for Dragonfly. It is the start of the "Tombo" season now and I've managed a few shots over the last week. I didn't get all that I've seen but I hope to get more as the season progresses. Unfortunately, I don't know their names as yet and will just number each picture for now and hopefully update the names as I learn them.

# 2. Toyano Lagoon.

# 3. Toyano Lagoon, Niigata.
Many thanks to my friend, Barry Kenway for identifying #3 as
"looking exactly like a male Pseudothemis zonata. It belongs to the family Libellulidae (Perchers)". (Barry's reference: a book called Dragonflies of the World by Jill Silsby).
#3 still? In flight.

# 3- female, laying eggs.

#3 laying eggs on a stick just under the water's surface.

# 4. Toyano Lagoon.

#5. Toyano Lagoon.

#6. Toyano Lagoon.
Rhyothemis fulginosa - Identified by Barry Kenway. Thanks Barry!

#7. Quite large. The first one I photographed. Alongside the Shinano River.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Paradise Riflebird

I was disappointed to have a cold, rainy holiday at the Bunya Mountains National Park in August 2007. One of the highlights however, was during an early morning walk in the misty rain when I encountered this character mumbling to himself, seemingly frustrated by the contents of a rotting branch. He totally ignored me while he stratched and listened for what was probably some kind of large beetle hiding inside the branch.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Olive-backed Sunbirds

Found a couple of Olive-backed Sunbirds running the main drag of Kuranda, North Queensland. (Above) The male. August 2007

The female Olive-backed Sunbird checks out her appearance in my camera lens.
Kuranda, Queensland, August 2007.

If you look carefully, you can see the spider-web she is collecting for her nest.
Kuranda, Queensland, August 2007.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Some Japanese Birds

Niigata, Japan
Spring 2008. An egret at the edge of the wetlands. Fukushimagata, Niigata, Japan.

A Common Gull, Larus canus, flies up
the Shinano River, January 2008.
A Whooper Swan overhead at Fukushimagata, January 2008.

I need a better shot of this beauty.
A Narcissus Flycatcher, Toyanogata, 2008.

Good action! A Black-eared Kite attacks a Grey Heron. The heron was certainly shocked and had to make a run for it. The photo was taken on the wrong side of a busy road. Shitada, Niigata, 2006.

A Brown-eared Bulbul along the Shinano River, 2007.

I was surprised to find these Australians living wildly between the rice fields of Japan!
This is a rare record here.

Black Swans, Niigata, Japan, 2006.

Black-tailed Gull. Along the Shinano River, Niigata in 2007.

A newly fledged Long-earred Owl at Toyanogata, Niigata, May 2009.

A male Bull-headed Shrike at Toyanogata, Niigata, 2007.

A young Peregrine Falcon rockets by at Fukushimagata on my birthday in 2007. (November 3!)

A Black-eared Kite eating on the wing at Hyoko in 2007.

An Intermediate Egret flies along with its legs crossed. Fukushimagata 2007.

A newly fledged Northern Goshawk changes branches in a city park. Niigata City, June 2009.

A Yellow Bittern standing on a lotus leaf in the summer of 2005. Fukushimagata, Niigata.

Greater White-fronted Geese fly overhead at Fukushimagata in January 2008.

Bean Geese fly overhead at Fukushimagata. January 2008

A Daurian Redstart at Toyano in the late winter of 2008.

A Grey Wagtail along the Shinano River in 2007.

A Japanese Wagtail at Fukushimagata in 2008.

Post edit: I now think this is a female Red-cheeked Starling aslo known as a Chestnut-cheekd Starling. But I had this rant about it before if you could be bothered reading:  In May 2008, I was walking along in Toyosaka, Niigata when I was astounded to see a beautiful, kestrel-like male Amur Falcon flying towards me. With my camera safley in my backpack, I watched as it flew over the road and shrank into the distance. A moment later, I stood motionless as the female of the same species followed the same path as its mate. About 5 minutes later and I reached a group of trees from which the falcons had appeared and discovered this, what I think is a Daurian Starling. Mostly found in the same area of China where the Amur falcons are found.

In May 2009, I found this Chestnut-cheeked Starling sitting on top of a tree in the exact place I'd seen the Amur Falcons one year earlier.

A Carrion Crow flying high over pavement to drop a nut. They do this again and again until they are rewarded with the nut cracking open to reveal its contents.

A Japanese Green Pheasant flies along the edge of the lake at Toyano, Niigata 2008.

A Brown-eared Bulbul wears pollen on its face while feeding in a plum tree at Toyano, 2008.

A male Northern Pintail scoots across the water at Hyoko, Niigata. 2007.

A Long-tailed Tit with a mozzie at Toyano, Niigata, 2008.

A young Steller's Sea-eagle had a swoop towards some seals on the ice. The eagle continued onwards but the seals were noticeably startled. Shiretoko 2006.

A Peregrine Falcon grabbed a cormorant at Fukushimagata, Niigata.

The pair spiralled downwards and the falcon let go when they hit the water. 2006.

A Black-eared Kite tries to grab something at Hyoko, Niigata in 2008.

Black-eared Kites trying to steal food at Hyoko, Niigata, 2006.