Saturday, 14 August 2010

Trip to Durikai State Forest and Coolmunda Dam.

Azure Kingfisher

Had another great outing with Kay and Kevin Williams today. We went to Durikai State Forest and Coolmunda Dam in south-east Queensland. Recorded 81 species on the trip which I think is pretty good. Also saw buckets of macropods (kangaroos and wallabies) but I'm out of practice identifying them. Anyway, we had beautiful weather and a very interesting day. Below are some photos from the day. I might add more on a later post.

Spotted Pardalote, Durikai State Forest.

So-so pic of a light-phase Little Eagle along the highway between Durikai SF and Coolmunda Dam.


(Above) Saw loads of Apostlebirds all around the place. More than I've ever seen before.

Black Falcon, Coolmunda Dam.

A very distant record shot of a Blue Bonnet at Coolmunda Dam.

(Above and below) Really kicking myself that I didn't get better pics of these White-winged Fairy-wrens at Coolmunda Dam.

Banded Plover on the way back.

I think this guy is a beauty. A Common Wallaroo.
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