Thursday, 19 August 2010

More from the Lockyer.

 (Above and below) Superb Blue Wren (male) at USQ Gatton Campus on Monday.
Unfortunatley photographed into the sun.

(Below) Striped Honeyeater at Apex Lake, Gatton also on Monday.

 (Above) Male Variegated Wren. Tiddelac, Upper Lockyer Valley. (Sunday afternoon)

 (Above and below) Wedge-tailed Eagle, Tiddelac, (Sunday afternoon)

Common Brushtail Possum (Tiddelac, Sunday night)

Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Brown Falcon

Spent an hour or two at Greenmount, south of Toowoomba this afternoon.

Red-rumped Parrot

Named Nankeen Kestrel in years past but now also known as an Australian Kestrel.

One of a number of Little Corella.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Two Days at the Lockyer Valley.

Brown Falcon

Spent two days at the Lockyer Valley, south-east Queensland and saw many wonderful things. Here's just some photos.

Very excited to see my first ever Platypus. (I've seen them splash around before but I think you can recognise what it is in this pic).

(Above and below) Swift Parrots are a rare visitor to Queensland.
Very difficult photographic subjects too!

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Trip to Durikai State Forest and Coolmunda Dam.

Azure Kingfisher

Had another great outing with Kay and Kevin Williams today. We went to Durikai State Forest and Coolmunda Dam in south-east Queensland. Recorded 81 species on the trip which I think is pretty good. Also saw buckets of macropods (kangaroos and wallabies) but I'm out of practice identifying them. Anyway, we had beautiful weather and a very interesting day. Below are some photos from the day. I might add more on a later post.

Spotted Pardalote, Durikai State Forest.

So-so pic of a light-phase Little Eagle along the highway between Durikai SF and Coolmunda Dam.


(Above) Saw loads of Apostlebirds all around the place. More than I've ever seen before.

Black Falcon, Coolmunda Dam.

A very distant record shot of a Blue Bonnet at Coolmunda Dam.

(Above and below) Really kicking myself that I didn't get better pics of these White-winged Fairy-wrens at Coolmunda Dam.

Banded Plover on the way back.

I think this guy is a beauty. A Common Wallaroo.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Powerful Owl Family.

Newly fledged Powerful Owls.

Had a wonderful day with Kay and Kevin Williams of the Toowoomba Bird Observers. The highlight of the day was a family of Powerful Owls north of Toowoomba. We found three of them sitting near each other; one adult and two young.

A young Powerful Owl.

Adult Powerful Owl.

The adult was very alert watching us and scanning all around. Minutes earlier, we first found a Grey Goshawk that was flying tree to tree around the Powerful Owl territory and we believed this adult remained wary due to that. I missed a flight-shot opportunity as it left this perch and flew to another tree. It looked very large in the air with beautiful, broad wings.

The above two photographs are different views of a single fledgling.

(Above) The adult alert at its new perch.

Did I say the adult seemed alert and wary?

The Grey Goshawk nearby.

As I said, a wonderful day. Thanks Kevin and Kay.

Monday, 2 August 2010

B&B for Tired English Teachers.

Busy lately but summer holidays now. Photographed this B&B on the outskirts of Niigata city from a moving car on the night of May 1.