Friday, 13 August 2010

Powerful Owl Family.

Newly fledged Powerful Owls.

Had a wonderful day with Kay and Kevin Williams of the Toowoomba Bird Observers. The highlight of the day was a family of Powerful Owls north of Toowoomba. We found three of them sitting near each other; one adult and two young.

A young Powerful Owl.

Adult Powerful Owl.

The adult was very alert watching us and scanning all around. Minutes earlier, we first found a Grey Goshawk that was flying tree to tree around the Powerful Owl territory and we believed this adult remained wary due to that. I missed a flight-shot opportunity as it left this perch and flew to another tree. It looked very large in the air with beautiful, broad wings.

The above two photographs are different views of a single fledgling.

(Above) The adult alert at its new perch.

Did I say the adult seemed alert and wary?

The Grey Goshawk nearby.

As I said, a wonderful day. Thanks Kevin and Kay.
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