Saturday, 13 December 2014

Jardine's Harrier

Jardine's Harrier
Circus assimilis

Murphys Bridge, Queensland, Australia

I was still just a very small child when I loved searching through an old British Children's Encyclopaedia printed in the 1930s. Of course, my favourite section is still, "Birds of Prey of the World". The photos were small and sepia or black & white and the names and stories are from a time when large ships had sails. It was enough to stir my imagination. I remember Jardine's Harrier, the Korean Sea-eagle (just like Steller's minus the white shoulders) plus the Monkey-eating Eagle and pages of others.

I was older when I discovered newer books with clearer illustrations and found the mysterious 
"Jardine's Harrier" was really called Spotted Harrier. A less adventurous name. 

Regardless of its name, the Spotted Harrier is a very beautiful raptor and I recommend the adventure of  seeing one in the wild.

This harrier was spotted by Kay William's last New Year's Eve. I don't mean Kay put the spots on it, I mean she saw it first. Kevin and I were sitting in the front seats of the car and we didn't see anything and Kay was sitting in the back and called out "Spotted Harrier!" Sadly the grass on the side of the road was too high for me to get a complete view. 

Does anyone want a spoilt dog? I'm tired of typing with one hand.

Spotted Harrier

Murphys Bridge, Queensland, Australia

December 31, 2013

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