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Crested Ibis

Sado Island, Niigata, Japan
May 5, 2012

Nikon V1 + 30-110mm lens

Back on May 5th, it was still Golden Week, and we elected to do a flying bus tour of Sado Island, Niigata Prefecture. We started early and got a jetfoil to the island where we met up with our tour. They decided that because it was a very busy holiday and many humans were touring the island that day, that they'd reverse the original schedule, thus our first stop, which was also of most interest to me, was the "Toki" Centre. The Research Centre and Museum for the Crested Ibis. We enjoyed almost 25 minutes flying around viewing the museum and seeing the captivity bred Ibis. I was actually surprised to see what I thought of as good numbers and they were quite active. There was also a small collection of other live Ibis species from around the world including Straw-necks and I think, a White Ibis from Australia.

Actually I really enjoyed the whole bus tour. We went from the "Toki" Centre to a temple, then Sake factory, then had an included lunch followed by a scenic drive and back to the port. I also got to meet Mr Charles Jenkins which was a great pleasure. Somedays are like holidays.

This is a memorial for the last wild Japanese Crested Ibis that declares "Toki-Kin-Forever".

This was the last wild born "Toki", (Japanese Crested Ibis). Her name was Kin. She was captured in the wild in 1968 and died in captivity on October 10, 2003.

Further captive breeding had to be with specimens from China.

This Toki was named "Midori". "Midori" means "Green" and was named after the colour of his tag. He was the only male of five wild Toki's captured in 1981.

A sign at the entrance to the centre.
The only five storey temple in Niigata prefecture is on Sado.

We drove over the 'skyline' of Sado...from one side to the other.

View leaving port on the ferry back to Niigata

Sayonara Sado!! View from the back of the ferry.

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