Sunday, 1 January 2012

White Swans

Whooper Swan
Hyoko, Niigata, Japan, December 30, 2011
Nikon D300 + Nikkor AF-S 300mm F4

Happy New Year!

Tundra (Bewick's) Swan


Phil said...

Those looka bit familar Russell, but not in that landscape. All the best for the New Year.

Stuart Price said...

Nice shots Russell, happy new year too........

Antonio Puigg said...

Great capture Russell.Happy 2012

Noushka, said...

I've just discovered your blog on the 1srt of January, and this is simply a must!
I am so impressed with the quality of your pictures and the many different kinds of birds you photographed!
Since I have been to Aussie a couple of times, you can discover my passion about parrots on my blog!
We intend to go to Australia for good, my son is married and lives there with 2 kids!
So who knows??
I just started with birds, but I have been very keen on dragonflies for 3 years too!
I'll be back soon to discover more of your marvellous photography!
Cheers, Russell, and a happy NY!!

Christian said...

Beautiful action and BIF shots Russell. They are magnificent creatures. I especially like the landing shot.

Tammy said...

They are so lovely, and you captured them perfectly.

Many happy sightings in the new year!!