Saturday, 12 March 2011

Quiet Skies

Black-eared Kite

Out of harms way but we're still swaying from time to time. I watched the news all last night and again this morning and finally had to go out. I went to Toyanogata at about 2pm but it was so quiet for birds. I couldn't even find a crow. Eventually by 4pm I heard a couple of faint calls and some birds began to appear. I got these shots within minutes. The sky had been so clear and quiet.

Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker
...I think you can see his tongue.
Great Cormorant
Common Teal


Tammy said...

Love that first shot with the moon....WOW!

Phil said...

Good to hear you are OK Russell. That kite shot is so good and looks rather like our Red Kite

Kah-Wai Lin said...

Lovely shot! I like the first picture!

Kah Wai

Anonymous said...

Beautiful images Russell, first shot a ripper, the just get better. Glad you are well, our thoughts are all with Japan, the scenes have been very affecting and very sad after our small flood events here. Take care and keep taking photos. Best, Robert

J Gray said...

Hi Russell, Fantastic pictures as always. I too had been wondering how you fared and if you were safe. I see from the above posts that you are, and that is wonderful news. I am so sad as is everyone here for Japan, it is just horrific. You are in our thoughts here in South-East Queensland. Judi

John said...

Great Pygmy Woodpecker !