Sunday, 6 November 2016

It came from the sky

Oriental Stork

Niigata, Japan

November 6, 2016

Mr Honma and I were being a bit greedy and went to look for the Oriental Stork again today. The first hour was fruitless with scans of the rice-fields with binoculars finding nothing. Suddenly we met a lady along a path and she pointed and said, "Konotori! Is that Konotori?"

We were trying to be kind assuming she was pointing at one of the several egrets within sight when she became more and more excited. "Big, white and black bird!" She exclaimed in English pointing above the trees in front of us, and suddenly it dropped from the sky and landed not so far away.

Thank you to the lady, otherwise I would have had my back to it when it passed.

It stayed and fished for a while and several of us got some nice close-ups.

I took 570 shots and will post more later.


Phil Slade said...

570 is quite a lot Russell. But I don't blame you. many is the time I've got home, downloaded pictures and then thought that I could and should have done better. I've not run out of space ona card ever so I really must take more pics when time allows. Thank goodness for digital though.

Stuart Price said...


Actually I often take more than that, thank god film days have gone........

John Holmes said...

570 ? Yes, Thank heavens for digital ! Nice Stork shots, anyway !

Sonja said...

A lucky encounter with the lady, and nice results. I shall have to get out my field guide and check up on the Stork.

John Holmes said...

And I see it is ringed - where did it come from ?