Saturday, 1 March 2014

Two Honeyeaters

Varied Honeyeater

Portland Roads, Cape York, Queensland, Australia

October 2012

Here are two species of honeyeaters enjoying a water pool at Cape York: Varied Honeyeater and Yellow-spotted Honeyeater. It was very shadowy and I used high ISO.

I didn't realise until I started to edit the shots that there are some camouflaged frogs in plain sight. Can you see them?

Yellow-spotted Honeyeater


Noushka said...

Oh my godness!
What a fantastic series, and so lively!
Well done Russell, keep well!

The happy wanderer. said...

A most enjoyable series, and yes, it is often surprising what turns up in images that were not noticed at the time!

David Gascoigne said...

Great stuff, Russell. Wonderful shots.

Stuart Price said...

Great stuff Russell. Honeyeaters in Cape York sounds so exotic sitting here in smalltown Japan...................

Phil Slade said...

Beautiful shots Russell, especially where the birds are interacting. Amazing little frogs too, almost as if the birds didn't see them. Worth going back for the frogs alone.

Ayuwat Jearwattanakanok said...

Really nice shots of 2 lovely birds. I've never seen any honeyeater before.

kay williams said...

Hi Russell These two Honeyeaters are still special to us.
We saw them on our last visit to Cairns 2012.
Must be time to go back.
Kay n Kev

Carole M. said...

both these honey-eaters are so striking; I love 'yellow' on birds - yes I see the frog too :)