Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Fleeting Visit to Oz

Enjoyed a fleeting visit to Australia in August 2009. 12 busy days. (Above) Australian or Nankeen Kestrel near Southbrook, Darling Downs, Queensland.

Above and below: Black-shouldered Kite near Southbrook, Darling Downs.

(Above and below)
Galah, also near Souhbrook.

Above and below: Two views overlooking the canopy of the Bunya Mountains National Park, Queensland.

Above and below: A Crimson Rosella challenges the effectiveness of using my binoculars on a tripod.

Below: A female Superb Fairy Wren at the Bunya Mountains.

Above and below: Staff members -Two views of a pair of Red-necked Wallabies at the Bunya Mountains.

A male Satin Bowerbird sits briefly on a fence post in the shadows. (Bunya Mountains)

Below: A male Yellow-throated Scrubwren lands briefly in the dark of the forest.

Above and two photos below: Easy photographic subjects. Laughing Kookaburras at the Bunya

Below: I'd prepared a large flash for night-spotting along the Mossman River in north Queensland. It was overkill for the close-ups I should have prepared for. This is a Net-casting Spider waiting for something to walk beneath him. Net ready!

Below: A dragonfly sleeps along the Mossman River. Don't know what kind. Barry please help!

Below: Quite a few Brown Bandicoots but they're were fast footed passers-by. (Mossman River)

Two Below: Black Kites can be seen around the sugar cane. (Mossman)
This is Milvus migrans. Not to be confused with my photos of the Japanese, "Black-eared Kite", Milvus lineatus

Saw several Brahminy Kites north of Cairns. This one on the road kill was just north of Mossman.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Japanese Crested Ibis at Sunset

Photographed at 17:50 local time, August 5, 2009, Niigata.