Friday, April 11, 2014


Olive-backed Sunbird


Portland Roads, Cape York, Queensland, Australia

October 2012

My thoughts are with the people, birds, mammals, reptiles, insects and plants of Northern Queensland tonight. I have been worrying all day about cyclone Ita. I hope you find safe keeping.

These pictures are from a garden at Portland Roads back in October 2012. I took them all in a few minutes of each other. North Queensland is deep in my heart.


  1. yes Russell, let's hope the people up north will get through this a.o.k. I really love the Sunbird!

  2. Hey, I saw those when I lived in FNQ! They are a common but to me still a very exotic bird.................

  3. Real exotica there Russell. I didn't know our European Blackbird was in Australia until both you and Stewart M mentioned it.

  4. They are a stunning bird! Your photos are beautiful and of the flowers also. I was pleased to see them briefly on a short trip to Port-Douglas a few years ago, but never managed a decent photo. My in-laws have lived in North Qld for some time and have taken amazing photos of the birds spectacular nests. Great photos.

  5. Wow I have no idea that the Olive-backed Sunbird is also found in Australia as well! It's also a common garden bird in Thailand too. It looks a bit different from here though. All the flowers in this post are also popular in Thailand!


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